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Hello!  I'm Virginia Davidson!

I've been an artist from my very earliest memories of eating crayons.  :) 

All my life, I've been involved in one creative pursuit or another--or several at the same time--including painting, graphic design and offset printing, custom sewing, and writing.  My greatest and most treasured "creation," though, is our daughters.  There's nothing else quite like being a mother!


Since 1991, it has been stained glass that captured the lion's share of my creativity.  

I had loved stained glass for many years before I finally took a beginner class and learned the basics of the craft.  It wasn't long before my first commission catapulted me into custom windows, and the business grew from there.  Eventually my work graced many homes and businesses, mostly in Grand Junction, Colorado, though some pieces found their way to much farther-flung destinations.  


Since no two clients are alike, no two jobs are alike--which guarantees each client a unique and truly custom piece of art.  


It also gives me a portfolio of work over a fairly broad spectrum of tastes and styles. With each new project, fresh challenges tested my skills.  I saw in each predicament a call to prayer...and could tell many stories of answers that could have come only from heaven.  Consequently, below my signature on each piece of stained glass I make, I inscribe Soli Deo Gloria: Alone to God be the Glory!


The stained glass in the gallery are photographs of pieces I have built over the years.  Nothing is "for sale."  They comprise a story of what's available, and inspiration for the next project--maybe yours!